Hi, I’m Sebastian.

Motion Designer & 3D Artist with a background in cinematography and engineering & scientific translation.
I love visually explaining complex topics and bringing products to life with the help of CG.


The quickest way to reach me is by sending a message:


My home base is Munich, Germany. 🥨

(response <2.5 hours)

My Values

  • Collaborate.
  • Be kind to people & animals.
  • Spend resources wisely.
  • Reflect & improve.
  • Be humble & honest.

Personal Story

Enjoying The Process While Focusing On The Outcome

I remember loving post-production and editing when I was filming fingerskateboarding videos to put on YouTube as a way to get sponsored. Who would have thought that a good decade later this turned into a career?
Along the way, I studied Design with a focus on photography, worked on tv & film sets, and edited videos for musicians, athletes, and non-profits.
I never got sponsored to do the fingerskateboard thing but I loved every second of it.

Service List

3D Design

Creating visuals for your products and services in a way that is only limited by your own imagination.

Motion & Animation

Moving visuals play a vital role in cultivating brand awareness in today’s digital world. We can create animations to make your products and services more engaging and accessible.